Life will fly right by you if you let it.

It’s been more than a year since I wrote my last blog. It hasn’t been easy finding the time to sit and write.  Interesting enough, I’m writing this blog in a taxi cab in Madrid. This is my first week away from DSPAC since we opened. Wow! What a life and what a ride! So much has occurred over the past year; I haven’t been able to take it all in.
DSC_0150The teaching moments and blessings around me have been life-changing. It’s all been going so fast: the growth in my own life, the people I once knew and the people I’m meeting now, friends I had and friends I’m making.  Everyone needs me to remember each detail of every moment of every encounter- it’s all becoming a blur.  Everything is moving at the speed of light.  I’m telling you, life will pass you by while you work to live the life you want. I’m realizing that while I’m working so hard and focused on my dreams, I’m forgetting to live the life I have.

So this week I’m taking it all in.DSC_0255

The center is in its infancy, yet it’s growing faster than I ever imagined it would. Two audits and three receptionists later, DSPAC has 127 students enrolled, five employees,
open classes, available rental space, a festival in the works, and our 2016 summer registration open, and we continue to plow ahead.

I have the support of a great team.  Together we’ve taken on more classes and rearranged programming, and fined tuned policy and procedures. We’ve provided volunteer opportunities for students and are building relationships in the community.

Seeds of Possibility-231Our youth ensemble has been invited to perform all over New York and is working on  new pieces for the upcoming season. We’re breathing, but racing to keep up with the standards we set for ourselves and the Center. DSPAC has great plans for the future and the community, and if this year’s any indication of what’s to come, I know we will be just fine. In the mean time, I, Founder and Executive Director, choreographer, teacher, mentor, friend, and wife (the owner of many hats, lol) will work just as hard to find work/life balance in the midst of all this growth.


And until my next blog- which won’t take me a year to write- we should all continue to work hard but live for today, with all that we have. NOW!2016 M.A.M.A. Festival Banner Screenshot

When you’re building an organization from the ground up, at times it can be challenging just when you’re at the very edge of completion. You find yourself at the mercy of the city; waiting for permits and inspectors to approve yet another step in the process, city mandated change orders, and unexpected expenses. Each day seems like an eternity.

Many times during this process, I have nearly come to tears wishing and wanting and hoping that things will speed up and that today will be the day that we will announce the opening of the Dwana Smallwood Performing Arts Center, but I’m learning to be patient. And I’m learning that all things happen right on time.

As my amazing general manger, my fabulous intern and I prepare our center’s policies and procedures and learn all about our online booking software, we meticulously attend to each and every detail so we’re truly ready and prepared for you when we open. Every morning, I take a deep breath and continue to give thanks for the challenges, because I know that with every challenge, comes a learning experience; which means growth.

Everything happens in due time, at the right time, on time.

How often does one get to say thank you to someone they love, for gifting them the tools they need to succeed in life? Who really gets to share the process of what they’re building with someone they’ve admired and looked up to their whole life?

I watched Judith Jamison give birth to the Joan Weill Center for Dance; images home of the Alivin Ailey American Dance Theater, years ago and today just for a moment I felt the tables turn. I, Dwana Adiaha Smallwood Pease greeted Judith Jamison at the front entrance of 857 Lexington Avenue; street viewhome of the Dwana Smallwood Performing Arts Center, Inc. to share what I had given birth to. Can you believe it! As I gave her the tour of our center, I was reminded  of the day she walked several of the Ailey dancers through Ailey’s then new building. We tested floors, jumping and twirling and gazed upon endless piles of floor plans. I never imagined that one day, I would be looking at my own floor plans.

Unknown-5 I remember that day; looking at her and wondering how on earth did she have the vision, the drive and the patience. Today, I can actually say I can taste the joy and feel the drive burning in me.

You see, Judi watered a seed in me when she looked me in my face seconds after I danced CRY and said, ” When I look at you, I know all things are possible” I felt like I had truly made her proud then, and today I felt the sam2015-03-17 11.08.09e way. So you see why I have so much to be thankful for.

Dear Judith Jamison,

Thank you. Thank you for being a vision of beauty; statuesque, bold, elegant and graceful. Thank you for noticing me when I didn’t notice myself. Thank you for showing up in my life when I didn’t know what I had. Thank you for molding and shaping me. Thank you for paying attention to the details of Dwana and sharing your secrets and kind and encouraging words. Thank you for not giving up on me when I couldn’t get the step. Thank you for staying on me all the time and making no excuses. Thank you for excepting me into your world, your life. Thank you for teaching me the art of it all – life, dance and me. And thank you for showing up today and sharing in my accomplishment and always giving me advice. Thank you for opening my ears and placing me in the right place at the right time. Thank you for trusting me with Alvin Ailey’s choreography. Words cannot express what it was for me to show you something I was proud of today. Me, Dwana, an adult, a world traveler and yet still wanting to show you that I can do it. I am more complete because of your love and guidance and praise. Thank you for all of it, my first computer. My first Ailey poster. My first magazine cover. My first Ailey solo. For Cry, and for so so so much more. I am deeply grateful.

Your Daughter in Spirit,



How serendipitous is it; after having such an extraordinary year, that I would end 2014 doing the one thing that started me on my life’s journey and has allowed me to live the life of my dreams. Can you believe it? I’m dancing… and not just any dance, but Alvin Ailey’s Revelations with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, on New Year’s Eve at City Center. It’s just phenomenal. Words cannot express the host of emotions that are flowing through me right now. I only pray that all that I have learned in my years away from Ailey will be expressed through my movement. What great joy.

With this; my last blog of 2014, I wish everyone a blissful 2015 filled with small and monumental moments that will strengthen your belief in the unimaginable. I pray that everyone find peace in their hearts and grow closer to discovering their life’s purpose. Happy New Year!

What are the events that led you to where you are today? How have you glided across your life’s journey? How are you weaving your time and your experiences to create your own story; the journey of your life, your legacy? Have you compared your life’s story to others’? Have you stepped out on faith and trusted that the thread you need to build your story will arrive right on time?

We all have a unique journey and story to tell. However remarkable my story may seem to others, I seldom allowed the noise of the world to enter and cloud my thinking. I had never considered, the  importance and the profoundness of my story.

Then I opened my eyes to what’s really happening and what’s occurring in my now and I once again am renewed to living my own truth. No matter what the pages of your life are filled with, you still have a story to tell and it means a lot to someone else in the world. It may provide hope for someone else to see you live and manifest what is possible.

This Saturday I’m creating a new chapter in the story of my life with the groundbreaking of my performing arts center. I know that this portion of my life brings with it a host of new lesson and bright new faces. I welcome it all.

Write your own story. Dance your own dance. Live your own life. Never weaken the importance, the impact of the events in your life have had on you and the people around you into making you move the way you do.

I have a story dipped in the teachings of a world full of endless possibilities and I’ve grown to understand that it is mine and mine alone to build upon it as I see fit, keeping in line with my purpose.

So when you are ready pick a day, choose a moment, take some time and start living your life, doing you, writing your story and living out loud. You never know what you might do, who you might help or what impact you may have.

Am I Enough?

I have battled with this my entire life. Demanding choreographers and teachers loved to belittle me in an effort to get me to dig deeper. Dig further into myself, hoping to find more passion, more technique, more grace. Hurtful as it may have seemed at the time, it worked. I now have grit. And I now see myself as an individual with nothing to prove on the Marley

A friend once said, “Never let them steal your joy, never allow someone to take from you what your creator has gifted in you.” These were wise words that have become useful in other areas of my life as well.  Like when I found myself listening to someone very close to me tell me that no matter how hard you work there isn’t always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This sent me into a month-long depression because at the time, I thought I was enough. I believed that if you want something you have to work for it: simple. You want it, need it: just work for it, it’s yours. You get what you put out. So I worked extremely hard to prove I belonged, to prove I had more than what people saw on the surface. Hearing those words from someone I loved at such a young age shook my will to try for a minute.  I thought to myself: why work if it amounts to nothing? Why spend years fighting for something you will never have? But once I began to reflect on why I started dancing in the first place and thought about  my reasons for enduring the pain and struggle and endless criticisms I realized it was about the journey. Once I thought about all that I had in me, how no one else in the world was like me, how no one had what gifts I had, I was at peace.

I also thought about the joy dance brought me, the feeling of being alive and closer to my most valuable and divine self, and how it made me feel. When I danced I felt like it was the closest thing to being in the same space as my creator, like a prayer. I was who I was meant to be in that very moment the music pierced through my soul and my feet hit the Marley.  I knew then just as I know now that I’ve been gifted, before birth with the teachings of a million dancers, the will, the skill, the craft of dance. It’s up to me daily to perfect my craft. I have to learn and continue the journey.

Dancers, try not to get so bogged down with what you don’t have and what you can’t do that you lose sight of all you do have and why you started dancing in the first place. Learn, practice and fine-tune your instrument. Live in the joy of the movement and know that today – in this moment – You Are Enough!