Dance is My Oxygen, Issue 14 – Practicing Patience

April 6, 2015

When you’re building an organization from the ground up, at times it can be challenging just when you’re at the very edge of completion. You find yourself at the mercy of the city; waiting for permits and inspectors to approve yet another step in the process, city mandated change orders, and unexpected expenses. Each day seems like an eternity.

Many times during this process, I have nearly come to tears wishing and wanting and hoping that things will speed up and that today will be the day that we will announce the opening of the Dwana Smallwood Performing Arts Center, but I’m learning to be patient. And I’m learning that all things happen right on time.

As my amazing general manger, my fabulous intern and I prepare our center’s policies and procedures and learn all about our online booking software, we meticulously attend to each and every detail so we’re truly ready and prepared for you when we open. Every morning, I take a deep breath and continue to give thanks for the challenges, because I know that with every challenge, comes a learning experience; which means growth.

Everything happens in due time, at the right time, on time.

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