Dance Is My Oxygen, Issue 2 – How Excited Am I

October 5, 2013

How excited am I?

To see a dream come to fruition right before my very eyes: each step, each form, each application, each meeting, each phone call brings me yet another step closer to providing these great opportunities for my community. I recognize that this is a chance to potentially facilitate real change in the district.

It started with allowing myself to be guided by the teachings of my experiences and tapping into my purpose; allowing myself to fully embrace it. I solidified that purpose while working in South Africa, stretching myself to the limits in an effort to remain emotionally available for my students. I learned that so much of the experiences I had as I was growing up helped me discover who I was.

Through this experience of building an organization, I’ve grown tired, restless – impatient at times – with the details of it all. With every hurdle, I have had to will myself to become re-focused. I recognize that what I am doing – because it’s not finished yet – and who I will be serving in the end, will make it all worth it.

My test is to figure out how to provide the Bed-Stuy youth the same tools I had growing up, so I can mold them into human beings who dream and believe they are capable of achieving the unimaginable.

So I say, bring it on! Bring on the challenges. I know the greater the challenge, the greater the reward.

How excited I am!

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