Dance is My Oxygen! – Life will fly right by you if you let it!

April 18, 2016

Life will fly right by you if you let it.

It’s been more than a year since I wrote my last blog. It hasn’t been easy finding the time to sit and write.  Interesting enough, I’m writing this blog in a taxi cab in Madrid. This is my first week away from DSPAC since we opened. Wow! What a life and what a ride! So much has occurred over the past year; I haven’t been able to take it all in.
DSC_0150The teaching moments and blessings around me have been life-changing. It’s all been going so fast: the growth in my own life, the people I once knew and the people I’m meeting now, friends I had and friends I’m making.  Everyone needs me to remember each detail of every moment of every encounter- it’s all becoming a blur.  Everything is moving at the speed of light.  I’m telling you, life will pass you by while you work to live the life you want. I’m realizing that while I’m working so hard and focused on my dreams, I’m forgetting to live the life I have.

So this week I’m taking it all in.DSC_0255

The center is in its infancy, yet it’s growing faster than I ever imagined it would. Two audits and three receptionists later, DSPAC has 127 students enrolled, five employees,
open classes, available rental space, a festival in the works, and our 2016 summer registration open, and we continue to plow ahead.

I have the support of a great team.  Together we’ve taken on more classes and rearranged programming, and fined tuned policy and procedures. We’ve provided volunteer opportunities for students and are building relationships in the community.

Seeds of Possibility-231Our youth ensemble has been invited to perform all over New York and is working on  new pieces for the upcoming season. We’re breathing, but racing to keep up with the standards we set for ourselves and the Center. DSPAC has great plans for the future and the community, and if this year’s any indication of what’s to come, I know we will be just fine. In the mean time, I, Founder and Executive Director, choreographer, teacher, mentor, friend, and wife (the owner of many hats, lol) will work just as hard to find work/life balance in the midst of all this growth.


And until my next blog- which won’t take me a year to write- we should all continue to work hard but live for today, with all that we have. NOW!2016 M.A.M.A. Festival Banner Screenshot

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