What are the events that led you to where you are today? How have you glided across your life’s journey? How are you weaving your time and your experiences to create your own story; the journey of your life, your legacy? Have you compared your life’s story to others’? Have you stepped out on faith and trusted that the thread you need to build your story will arrive right on time?

We all have a unique journey and story to tell. However remarkable my story may seem to others, I seldom allowed the noise of the world to enter and cloud my thinking. I had never considered, the  importance and the profoundness of my story.

Then I opened my eyes to what’s really happening and what’s occurring in my now and I once again am renewed to living my own truth. No matter what the pages of your life are filled with, you still have a story to tell and it means a lot to someone else in the world. It may provide hope for someone else to see you live and manifest what is possible.

This Saturday I’m creating a new chapter in the story of my life with the groundbreaking of my performing arts center. I know that this portion of my life brings with it a host of new lesson and bright new faces. I welcome it all.

Write your own story. Dance your own dance. Live your own life. Never weaken the importance, the impact of the events in your life have had on you and the people around you into making you move the way you do.

I have a story dipped in the teachings of a world full of endless possibilities and I’ve grown to understand that it is mine and mine alone to build upon it as I see fit, keeping in line with my purpose.

So when you are ready pick a day, choose a moment, take some time and start living your life, doing you, writing your story and living out loud. You never know what you might do, who you might help or what impact you may have.